crane and bluebird

crane and bluebird

A duet between the CraneBox and Bluebird. CraneBox is noise box that was made during the neolithic era in Bloomington, IN. Every now and then, we used to drive down to the Crane Naval Base to scavenge through the decommissioned stuff that  they gave away to the public. One time they had a bunch of musty old shell crates. Hence, the construction of the Cranebox. Something triggered and I also recalled that we used to go birding at the base. A Crane Division Naval Surface Warfare checklist is available: The bluebird is listed as abundant in this “excellent wildlife habitat”.

CraneBox & Bluebird hotwired


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3 responses to “crane and bluebird

  1. So very cool, Tracey! I love your work!

  2. For some reason, I initially misread Tracey’s response and thought you were playing the Blue Bird INSIDE of the Crane. And I thought, I really like this nesting thing. Like Russian dolls but with instruments and the invocation of birds. Don’t know how that thought might play into anything in reality but I thought it might be worth sharing. I do really like the idea of instruments or sounds or meaning nesting inside of each other.

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